Hips Are Sleeping – Funny Jokes That Never Get Old vol.01

Hips Are Sleeping – Funny Jokes That Never Get Old vol.01

Funny jokes never get old, so here we are with some of the funniest jokes from the most remote corners of the web to give you your daily laugh.

  1. Hips Are Sleeping
    Once Two Persons Were Sitting In A Meeting.
    1st Said: “This Meeting Is So Boring Even My Hips Are Sleeping”
    2nd Said: “Ya I’ve Heard Them Snoring Three Times“
  2. She Is In Trouble
    Universal Truth:
    Help A Girl When She Is In Trouble,
    She Will Surely Remember You,
    Only When…
    She Is Again In Trouble.
  3. Break That Into 2 Pieces
    Teacher: “Who Created The Earth?”
    (Boy Pokes A Girl’s Back With A Pen)
    Girl: “Oh God!”
    Teacher: “Good Girl. Correct Answer”
    Teacher Again Asked: “Who Was Born On 25 Dec?”
    (Boy Again Pokes The Girls Back)
    Girl: “Oh Jesus!”
    Teacher: “Very Good. Correct Answer”
    Teacher Again Asked: “What Did Eve Tell To Adam When They Had Their 17th Baby?”
    (Boy Pokes On Girl’s Back Again)
    Girl: “If You Don’t Stop Inserting That Thing In Me Now. I’ll Break That Into 2 Pieces And Just Put It Into Your Nostrils.”
    Teacher Fainted!!
  4. Definition Of Circulated Motion
    Teacher To Student: “What Is Hyper Active Possessive Definition Of Circulated Motion”
    Student: “Zimbalakadi Takada Bamba Huchalu”
    Teacher: “I Did Not Understand What You Said”
    Student: “Same Here, Mam“
  5. Clearly Misunderstood.
    Question: “What Is The Oxymoron?”
    Answer: “An Oxymoron Is Defined As A Phrase In Which Two Words Of Opposite Meanings Are Brought Together”
    Here Are Some Funny Oxymorons :
    Exact Estimate.
    Clearly Misunderstood.
    Small Crowd.
    Fully Empty.
    Act Naturally.
    Found Missing.
    Only Choice
    Pretty Ugly.
    Seriously Funny.
    Original Copies…
    And The Mother Of All
    Happily Married !

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